La Casita Center is a vibrant organization enhancing the well-being of the Latinx community in Louisville. Above, members of the La Casita community smile during a monthly “Resource Day” in which the organization provided diapers, food, education, and vaccines to local community members. [Photo courtesy of La Casita Center]
In the fall of 2021, the St. Joseph Montessori Children’s Center left the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s campus in Nazareth, Kentucky. In their move, the Montessori Children’s Center left behind some of their former playground equipment in the outdoor play space at Nazareth. Noticing the still good condition of much of this equipment, the SCN’s Office of Ecological Sustainability worked with the Western Province Leadership Team to search for a new home for this gently-used equipment.
By December 2021, we connected with La Casita Center, a Latinx and Woman-led non-profit in Louisville that aims to “accompany and empower families beyond the barriers that they often face when first arriving in the United States” (Cassie, Child Enrichment Coordinator). This organization works alongside Louisville’s Latinx community through education, empowerment, advocacy, and wellness. The SCN community has partnered with La Casita before through Ministry Fund grants and re-housing items from the closing of the former SCN ministry, Doors to Hope.
Nazareth was able to share soccer nets, basketballs and basketball hoops, playsets, children’s bikes and ‘cars’, and a children’s picnic table with La Casita Center. Cassie Marshall, Child Enrichment Coordinator with La Casita, was thrilled by the generosity of the SCNs. Cassie is confident that these toys and play equipment will provide a nourishing space for the community whom La Casita serves to live happy and healthy through play.
This ‘rehousing’ of play space equipment has not only provided more resources to La Casita and its community, but has also fulfilled the Sisters’ goal of reducing waste.

Donated items included this children’s slide, buggies, and bikes.

This children’s picnic table will also see a new life with La Casita Center’s clients.