SCNA Gathering – Sept. 23-25: The next hybrid SCN Associate gathering is scheduled for Sept. 23-25, 2022. The theme is SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE. The presenter is Judy Ribar, assistant director of Mt. St. Francis Retreat Center in southern Indiana. There will be time for prayer, reflection, experimenting with different prayer forms, and, of course, socializing. Please contact the SCNA Office if you wish to request a scholarship. Click here to access the registration forms.
Associate Commitment Ceremony – Sept. 24: On Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. in St. Vincent de Paul Church, there will be an Associate Commitment Ceremony. This will be a part of the SCNA gathering. Agnes Donohue will make her first commitment as an SCN Associate. Peggy Downs, Betty Jean Lewis and Steve Schmitt will make lifetime commitments. Elaine Adams, Patsy Buckler, Lynn Delahay, Jane Franz, Sarah Haddock, Susan Hardin, Nancy Kaelin, Kelly McDaniels, Diane Meyer, Jim O’Connell, Bob Scheri, Marie Underwood and Beth Vetter will renew their commitments for an additional three years. Some Associates will renew in person while others will be present through technology. Sisters and Associates are welcome to join the celebration in person or via live stream at
Day of Remembrance: Madiwala, SCN Niketan – Sept. 23: We join in gratitude to God for our SCN Niketan Community in Madiwala as we remember the history and cherish the legacy of this mission. Let us also especially pray for this community and for the people of Madiwala, on Sept. 23, which marks the opening of this mission. We extend our thanks to the members of the SCN Niketan community in Madiwala for preparing a prayer service, which can be found here.
2022-2023 SCN Directory: As we prepare to update the SCN Directory, all Sisters and Associates are asked to check their current listing in the directory. If there is a change to any of your information, or if you have changed ministries in the past year, please contact Anita Smith by email at or call 502-348-1560 by Sept. 30, 2022. No forms will be sent for you to complete. To access the online version of the SCN Directory, go to, select Internal at the top of the page and choose Sisters and Associates. Type in the password. Cursor down to the box titled “SCN Book Directory.” If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anita.
SCN Directory Order Form: To purchase an additional copy of the SCN Directory for 2022-2023, please click here and complete the attached form and return it by Sept. 30, 2022. 
Sustainabyte: We all want to preserve the natural area around us and ensure that ecosystems remain healthy for our native plants and animals. Invasive species can take over an area and displace local wildlife, leaving them without a home. In an article in the journal “Science,” the author describes how firefighters in Oregon are facing harsher wildfires due to an invasive grass that is taking over local forests. “Wiregrass” has increased the natural fire fuel load by 50, making the fires burn much hotter and making them more difficult to contain. This trend of invasive plants leading to more frequent and intense fires is spreading across the globe. In Nepal, the invasive Lantana camara, or common lantana, grows in such abundance that while displacing native plants, it also makes fires more deadly. In northern Australia, gamba grass, a 4-meter-tall plant that was introduced as cattle feed from the African plains, has changed fire in that ecosystem from low-level to burning intensely hot and tall, scorching even the highest leaves of native trees. In the southeastern U.S., the invasive Imperata cylindria, or Cogon grass, forms dense stands that displace native plants and burn at very high temperatures. Removing invasive plants from the land we manage supports our guiding values and principles to care for land with an eco-friendly consciousness, but also helps keep those ecosystems and neighboring people safer.
Prayers for Puerto Rico: Please pray for Puerto Rico and Maria Melendez, SCNA, and the family of Edna Fabre’, SCN, who live there. The island has been devastated by Hurricane Fiona. Many in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are still without power or running water, and there is significant structural damage throughout the communities.
“We are All Related” Livestream Event – Sept. 24: The Nazareth Retreat Center invites you to reflect on and participate in the relationship between humans, animals, trees, plants, and all Earth elements through the indigenous principle, “We are all related.” Join Diane Wilson, author of “The Seed Keeper,” for this virtual presentation from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24. The Cost is $25. Please register at This event is in collaboration with Community of Communities, which includes several retreat centers across the United States. Click here to watch a promotional video.
St. Vincent Day Prayer Service – Sept. 27: The International Intercultural Committee has prepared a St. Vincent Day Prayer Service in celebration of the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul on Sept. 27, 2022.
Sister Adeline’s Golden Jubilee – Oct. 1: Sister Adeline’s Golden Jubilee Celebration with family and friends will be a Bread Breaking Service in St. Vincent de Paul Church at Nazareth, Kentucky, on Saturday, Oct. 1 at 10:30 a.m., followed by lunch. SCNs and Associates in the area are invited to attend. 
Blessing in Payneville – Oct. 15: St. Theresa of Avila Church in Payneville, Ky., will have a blessing of their Family Life Center on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022. Archbishop Shelton Fabre will celebrate Mass in St. Theresa Church at 4:30 p.m. followed by the blessing of the Family Life Center. If you would like to attend, please contact Jackulin Jesu, SCN, by Sept. 26, so she can send in the number attending and arrange transportation.
Prayers Requested:

  • Remi McDaniels, grandniece of Maggie Cooper, SCN
  • Patrick Kandulna, father of Tarcilla Kandulna, SCN
  • Brian Wilson, great-nephew of Evelyn Fugazzi, SCN
  • Fran Watler, friend of Pat MacIsaac, SCNA
  • Carolyn Fruia, aunt of Elaine Belflowers, SCNA
  • Stephanie Baron, daughter-in-law of Theresa Baron, Nazareth employee

Prayers for the Deceased:

  • Joseph Muthalakuzhy, brother of Sujita Muthalakuzhy, SCN
  • Richard Couture, nephew of Catherine (Jackie) Lee, SCN
  • Albertus Mattingly, friend of SCNs and former Nazareth employee
  • Bernadette Xess, mother of Francisca Kindo, SCN
  • Fr. Franklyn Mathias, nephew of Shalini D’Sousa, SCN (dec.)
  • Theodore Minj, brother-in-law of Magdalena Maghia, SCN

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