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 Last evening I had the pleasure of attending the 125th Anniversary of St. Philip Neri Parish in the Bronx, with two of our sisters.  Each of us has a special connection with the parish. The St. Philip Neri Parish has been a faithful community of many diverse cultures which continues to enrich this commuity.  The story of the building of this Church is one where Italian masons who were building the resevoir near by brought stones from the excavation to build the Church.  For the past 125 years this parish has welcomed all to its doors and has continued to grow.  This Church has so many wonderful memories for me.  I received all my sacraments there and attended the parish elementary school where I first met the Ursulines.  In fact my siblings all graduated from St. Philip Neri School and my mother worked there too. Growing up in this parish and attending this school enabled me to make many lifelong friendships for which I am very grateful.  I am forever indebited to this parish for instilling my faith and educating me.