Member Areas play a crucial role in advancing RFC’s mission. They serve to:

  • foster support, community, and networking among those in formation ministry;
  • facilitate opportunities for members to participate in workshops pertinent to initial formation, lifelong formation, and the ongoing preparation of formators;
  • strengthen the relationship between members, local congregations/provinces/monasteries, and the National Office by serving as a conduit of information, feedback, best practices and the like.

Member Areas are configured to maximize engagement and participation. Characteristics include:

  • 11 Member Areas dispersed nationally,
  • geographic hubs anchored by population centers,
  • open boundaries/borders so as to maximize networking, connection and collaboration, and
  • the option for members to choose which Member Area/s they wish to affiliate

Member Areas attend to the formative journeys of those in religious life. They embody this by:

  • cultivating safe and sacred spaces for formator support, community-building, connection and networking;
  • discerning and implementing programs that meet their needs and address issues, topics, and best practices important to them;
  • engaging the three dimensions of the Conference's mission: initial formation, lifelong (ongoing) formation, and the ongoing preparation of formators;
  • participating in communal prayer, faith-sharing, and spiritual development; and
  • utilizing technology (e.g., Zoom, Facebook groups, blogs, live-streaming, etc.) to enhance connection, dialogue and collaboration 
Member Area Member Area Liaisons Population Hubs
Delaware Valley Mary Ann Spaetti, IHM 
Heartland Marie Rachelle Cruz, DC 
St. Louis/Kansas City
Hudson Valley Maco Cassetta, CND 
New York/New Jersey
Lake Erie/Ohio River Veronica Wood, OSF 
Mid-Atlantic Paul Schloemer, OFM Conv 
Washington DC/Baltimore
Midwest Priscilla Torres, OP 
New England Frank Hagerty, SSE 
Michelle Bisaillon, DHS
Pacific Northwest Charlene Herinckx, SSMO 
Laura Swan, OSB
South Helen Marie Miksch, CDP 
Loretta Armand, SHSp 
San Antonio/Dallas/New Orleans
Upper Midwest Lisa Maurer, OSB 
Western States Linda Buck, CSJ 
San Francisco/Los Angeles

The RFC is committed to supporting formation ministers in Canada and other international locations. 

Conference membership includes formators in such countries as Italy, Ireland, Rome, Britian, Australia and Mexico. The National Association of Vocation and Formation Directors (NAVFD) in Canada, for example, is a valued partner and collaborator. We welcome networks of formators outside of the U.S. to connect with our mission and participate in programming.   

Let us know how we can partner. 

The Conference's staff liaison to Member Areas is Susan Oxley, Communications and Member Manager. Questions and inquiries can be directed to her via email at She welcomes the opportunity to connect!