Friar Gilberto Cavazos-Gonzalez, OFM

Friar Gilberto is a Latino/a Theologian, Franciscan scholar, Full Professor of Spirituality: Yo soy Gilberto, a native of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and Hijo de Gilberto Cavazos DeLeon and María Emma González de Cavazos. As a scholar of the Theological Study of Christian Spirituality, Friar Gilberto taught for over 15 years at the Catholic Theological Union (Chicago) before moving to Rome to work at the Pontifical University Antonianum. Most recently he was named "Segretario" of the Pontificia Academia Mariana Internationalis. As a Latino Spiritualogian (espiritualogo en español), he has a particular concern for the relationship of Christian spirituality, Catholic social teaching and pastoral ministry. His academic research interests include methods for the study of Christian Spirituality, Franciscanism, art and spirituality, Marian spirituality, Hispanic/Latin@ spirituality and Spiritual Formation. Friar Gilberto is currently writing a book on the Marian Spirituality of Sor Juana de la Cruz Vasquez Gutierrez, Spanish Franciscan sister who was a mystic, a pastor and a preacher to royalty, prelates, nuns and her parishioners in the early 1500s.