What is the Conference's new resources portal?
The new portal offers a digital platform with a wide-ranging array of resources for those interested in a variety of topics relevant to formation and consecrated life in the Roman Catholic Church. It will serve as a clearinghouse of information intended to inform both initial and ongoing formation. 

How does one access the portal?
The portal can be accessed under "resources" on the RFC website by clicking on "resources portal" in the drop down menu. 

Alternatively, the portal can be accessed directly by going to:


Who is the portal for?
The portal is intended for those in formation ministry, congregational leadership, associate programs, and others who support the formative journeys of those entering religious communities.

What's included in the portal? 
The portal includes Conference-sponsored resources (e.g, quarterly InFormation magazine) and resources shared with us by collaborators and partners. Resources produced and/or sponsored by the RFC are considered “members-only,” and require membership log-in for access. Resources that have been shared with the RFC are considered “public” and may be accessed by anyone.

How does one use the portal? 
For an overview of how to use the portal, click here to access a brief video tutorial.  

The portal can be used by (1) clicking on the categories presented on the main page and/or (2) putting keywords in the search field and clicking on "search formation resources" to the right. 

Will resources continue to be added? 
Yes. As new Conference and partner/collaborator resources are developed, they will be added to the portal. Spanish language resources, for example, will be a focus of new resources added in the next year.  

How can I offer feedback and suggestions to make the portal better? 
We have set up a webform for those who would like to give us feedback and/or offer suggestions on improving the portal. Click here to access.