We, as religious, all share a responsibility to age well together. Have we looked at inter-generational challenges realistically in our religious communities? Do we provide education in aging throughout formation? Have we answered the call to embrace aging gracefully? In this session, we will discuss practical ways to balance Community life and ministry, offering ongoing formation that addresses aging issues, and exploring the concept of transitioning from doing to being. 

Reflection Questions  

  1. How often do you engage in conversation about aging issues amongst all your members? 

  1. Can you describe a difficult transition that has taken place in your life or the life of a member of your religious community? What were some of the challenges during that transition? Can you describe a transition that was seamless for you or a member of your religious community? What made it a good experience? 

  1. Can you describe the hallmarks of someone who has aged gracefully? 

  1. How might we foster a living environment that enhances the aging process?