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Formation Resources - Resource Manuals - Volume III

Part IV: Priestly Formation for Men Religious

  • 4. Additional Resources
    • 4.1-5. Ted Keating Materials:
      • 4.1. "The Formation Issues of the Religious Priest : Reflections on a Study" by Ted Keating, SM
      • 4.2. "The Religious Priest in the Church in the US : Reflections on a Study" by Ted Keating, SM
      • 4.3. "Formation for Religious Priesthood" (original in PowerPoint) by Ted Keating, SM
      • 4.4. Book Review: "Stewards of God's Mysteries : Priestly Spirituality in a Changing Church" by Ted Keating, SM
      • 4.5. Excerpt from CMSM Bulletin by Ted Keating, SM

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Ted Keating, SM

Keating, Ted, SM
Formation Resources: