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The first Sisters of Charity-Halifax arrive in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on May 11, 1849.

In 2024, the Sisters of Charity – Halifax celebrate 175 years as a religious congregation. In 1849, the Sisters of Charity of New York missioned four sisters to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their arrival on May 11, 1849 on a Halifax wharf is our foundational moment. We began teaching and established an orphanage and hospital. As our congregation grew from four sisters to over 2,500 professed sisters, we expanded our ministries of teaching and healing throughout Nova Scotia, other provinces in Canada, the United States and Bermuda, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Belize and the continent of Africa.

Today our 175-year legacy continues. Although we are fewer and less visible, we stand together loved and energized by God’s Spirit. We respond to the cries of people living in poverty–across borders, cultures and languages. We face the challenges that threaten this planet. We respond to evolving ways of seeing the world and the flourishing of all life. Our mission continues as we celebrate and give thanks for 175 years of service.

“Charity is enveloped with faith and hope. We have been charity for 175 years and we will continue to be charity. We will give joyful witness to love with our every breath.” — Sister Margaret Mary Fitzpatrick, Congregational Leader.

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Important Congregational Dates 1849 – 2024
May 2, 2024

  • 1849 Sisters of Charity of New York opened a school and cared for orphans in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 1856 Sisters of Charity – Halifax became an independent Congregation
  • 1864 School opened in Bathurst, New Brunswick
  • 1873 Motherhouse and Mount Saint Vincent Academy opened in Rockingham, NS
  • 1883 School opened in Cape Breton, NS
  • 1886 Halifax Infirmary opened
  • 1887 School opened in Massachusetts
  • 1890 School opened in Bermuda
  • 1896 School opened in Arnprior, Ontario
  • 1908 Hospital opened in Cape Breton, NS
  • 1923 School opened in British Columbia
  • 1924 School opened in New York
  • 1925 School opened in Alberta
  • 1927 School opened in the State of Washington
  • 1927 – 1930 Hospitals opened in Alberta
  • 1930 School opened in New Jersey
  • 1935 School opened in Quebec
  • 1957 School opened in New Hampshire
  • 1962 – 1965 Vatican Council II: major changes in religious life; many new ministries
  • 1968 Mission opened in Peru
  • 1969 Mission opened in Dominican Republic
  • 1970 Mission opened in North West Territories
  • 1972 Mission opened in Yukon
  • 1988 Transfer of Mount Saint Vincent University to Board of Directors
  • 2008 Closure of Mount Saint Vincent Motherhouse
  • 2020 Congregation begins the process of completion
  • 2024 Celebrating 175 years of giving joyful witness to love