Image from InFormation 2018 Number 4, Winter

InFormation 2018 No. 4 : Pope Francis's Guide to Holiness, by Daniel P. Horan, OFM

InFormation Bulletins - InFormation 2018 No.4 Winter

"Having renewed our understanding of the Communion of Saints as an inclusive community of the baptized that is called to participate in God’s holiness and become friends of God and prophets, and having been given a contemporary guide by Pope Francis for how to live out this vocation, we conclude by looking at what it means for us to become the saints we are."

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Horan, Daniel P., OFM
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InFormation 2019 No. 3 : Courage of Commitment, by Jeanne Connolly, Wheaton Franciscans

InFormation Bulletins - InFormation 2019 No.3 Fall

"To make and honor a heart commitment, such as marriage, profession of vows, ordination, or a commitment to the Associate way of life, requires profound love and extraordinary vulnerability. Heart commitments require stepping into the unknown and unforeseeable. It is opening one’s heart to another. It is risking rejection, not having expectations met or dreams come true."

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Connolly, Jeanne, Wheaton Franciscans
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Cover of InFormation 2020 Number 3, Fall

InFormation 2020 No. 3 : New Wine, Fresh Skins!, by Patrick Sean Moffett, CFC, PhD

InFormation Bulletins - InFormation 2020 No.3 Fall

"I have come to understand the role of a formator as offering a context in which an individual and a group might grow to the fullness of their calling as disciples of Jesus Christ in the spirit and charism of their founders. The essential agents in the growth are the individual and the Holy Spirit. The context has a social dimension which facilitates progress in personal belonging and identification within a local community, a congregation, and the People of God. The formator is an essential companion on the journey, particularly attentive to growth and the movement of the Spirit within the individual."

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Moffett, Patrick Sean, CFC, PhD
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Conversations at the Well: Crossing-over to Meet the Other and Oneself

Acting on the Journey of Transformation

The call to transformation and to “reading the signs of the times” can simultaneously elicit deep attraction and provoke corresponding resistance.

In this workshop, beginning Friday evening, participants and the presenter will explore the shadow and the journey of consciousness; crossing over from repression and fear to humility and integration.  Praying dangerously, acting radically, living the gospel will fuel the crossing to personal and communal transformation.

The workshop included input, personal journaling, table and large group conversation. (November 18-19, 2016; Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)

Donald Bisson, FMS

Donald Bisson, FMS, is first and foremost a spiritual director.  A Marist Brother based in New York, Don is engaged in the training, formation, and supervision of spiritual directors.  In addition to his doctoral work in spiritual direction and Jungian psychology, he holds graduate degrees in spirituality and liturgy.

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A Path Towards Communion: Family Charisms in Dialogue

“Communion and the encounter between different charisms and vocations can open up a path of hope. No one contributes to the future in isolation, by his or her efforts alone, but by seeing himself or herself as part of a true communion which is constantly open to encounter, dialogue, attentive listening and mutual assistance. Such a communion inoculates us from the disease of self-absorption”. -Pope Francis

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

With joy and hope, we present to you the path which we would like to take together as Charismatic Families in these three years 2017-2020. It is a path which we have undertaken following the continuous invitation of Pope Francis to live communion not only ad intra in each Charismatic Family, but together as Charismatic Families, in order to be a real prophetic witness today.

We are conscious that it is a slow and demanding path at both the personal and community levels, but not an impossible one. It is a path which involves becoming conscious of opening out from the local community to that of the Order or Institute, from consciousness of the Order, Institute, Society or Association to that of the Charismatic Family and, finally, from the Charismatic Family to communion with all of the charisms in the Church. It is a process which will allow us to broaden our gaze, our heart and, above all, to go out with greater courage beyond the confines of our individual Institute in order to begin to dream together, at the local and global levels, “new spaces and places” where the gospel logic of gift, of fraternity, of welcoming diversity, of mutual respect and love is lived. The Charismatic Family is the place where we can develop and carry forward common projects of formation, of evangelisation, of social engagement in order that charity and charismatic creativity move all of us towards the challenges which are knocking at our doors every day. As Pope Francis says: if we are not united we will not be able to the build the future and be leaven for a society inspired by the Gospel.

International Union of Superiors General (UISG)

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